Having work published in a newspaper or magazine always gives me great pleasure, not only is it satisfying on a personal level but it also gives couples immense joy seeing their wedding in print. Here are a couple of my favourite featured items.


Back in the day I was approached by Turning Pro Magazine to do a feature on my first year in the wedding business. At the time I was quite dismissive of the approach as I thought that I would just be one of hundreds interviewed and my work would be given a little footnote, if even published at all. To my sheer amazement I was given a four page spread and plenty of exposure throughout the magazine. I still remember the feeling taking the magazine from a shelf in WH Smith and proudly showing my dad the piece!



In Scotland it is a popular tradition for couples to bind their hands together with a piece of material from each family (usually a piece of tartan), it's called hand fasting. This is where the phrase 'tying the knot' originates. I have shot many a wedding with this tradition however, last year was my first football themed hand fasting and it was one to remember, the couple were Celtic & Rangers fans respectively and both had brought along their own scarfs for the occasion. Neither family knew anything about it and it was such a unique event that the story was covered in the Daily Record newspaper the following week, with my photos taking pride of place across the pages.