8 Reasons To Hire Me As Your Photographer.

  1. I have shot many weddings in variety of settings from intimate registry offices, to beautiful churches, to city centre hotels, to outdoor loch-side ceremonies, to lodges, to grand marquees and everything in between.
  2. Every wedding I undertake comes with a pre-wedding shoot, this is an excellent way to get you and your partner used to the camera and iron out all the intricate details before the big day, such as groups shots , portrait locations and timings. Giving you time to relax and enjoy the experience when the day arrives.
  3. If you book me for full day coverage, I will leave the start & finish timings entirely in your hands. (Within reason of course).  
  4. Regular training plays a major role in my life as a photographer and I'm always looking to push my skills to the limit and keep on top of current trends in the industry. Having studied in London with the UK's best photographers I have built up a great network of contacts and support.
  5. I invest a great deal of time and money in sourcing the best industry standard equipment and software and although it's not all about the tools it does go a long way, especially when buying a new lens.
  6. Having a friendly  relationship with my clients is something I strongly feel is important along with a high degree of trust. After all the photographer is probably the only person who is present throughout your whole day and friendly manner is imperative.
  7. Your wedding photographs are the one thing you'll still have long after the cake and flowers have gone. In actual fact it's something you will most likely pass down to the next generation in your family. With this in mind I have developed a timeless style which doesn't lend itself to the latest 'flash in the pan photo fads' but a long lasting elegant style which will stand the test of time. This is also reflected in my album supplier and careful product sourcing has enabled me to develop a package which is guaranteed for life.
  8. Being married myself has also given me a great insight into the wedding from your perspective and I know what it feels like to be on the other end of the camera!

Need more convincing? Why not drop me a line, I'd be more than happy to discuss either in person or by email or phone any further queries you may have - (wedding photography related of course : ) )