Throwback Thursday - Lynne & Allan

Being a blogger and wordsmith is not one of my strong points, I usually always make up an excuse to avoid putting pen to paper and coming up with the goods. I have however promised myself to make more of an effort and post on a more regular basis. In order to make amends I have decided to start up 'Throwback Thursday' in addition to my regular posts and this will contain weddings I have shot in the past and haven't blogged. First is Lynne & Allan's big day shot in Glasgow City Centre with the reception in 29 Glasgow. Hope you enjoy : )  

A Borders' Wedding

If you have never ventured down to the Scottish borders, you don't know what you're missing and if you go, don't forget to bring your camera!

I always love visiting new places as a wedding photographer and when Laura + Cammie decided to book me as their photographer I jumped at the chance to visit their hometown of Hawick and photograph their church wedding followed by the reception at the local town hall. Here are selection of images from the day : hope you like them : )

A SURPRISE VISIT FROM AN OLD FRIEND,A vintage tractor A biker's RIDE-OUT & a wee walk through Prince Charles' back garden

Most weddings these days have one or two little moments that stick in the mind and really set the day apart from the others. From a photographers point of view these little gems are usually the contenders for the end of year review and most welcome additions in boosting your portfolio.

When Sophie and Gavin decided to book me as their wedding photographer I was keen to find out their plans, especially once I heard about their background in farming, they didn't disappoint. The wedding was at the beautiful Dumfries Arms Hotel, with extra photographs at the stunning Dumfries House, (owned by none other than Prince Charles). This alone would have sufficed in terms of photo opts but there was definitely more in store along the way.  As a little surprise for his bride-to-be, Gavin arranged to have Sophie's childhood horse, (whom she hadn't seen for years) arrive after the ceremony along with a stunning vintage tractor, a little nod to their agricultural background.

Later in the day we headed over to Dumfries House for some couple shots and the day just got better, especially for Gavin, a massive Sons of Anarchy fan.  As we were walking back to the car, I spotted some Harley's parked up at the side of the road and suggested that we ask the owners if we could use them in a couple of shots. Happily the guys were more than keen to oblige and better still, they offered to ride-out behind the excited couple, it couldn't have worked out better and even the cold shoulder from the hotel staff for having kept them late for the meal was worth it : )

The rest of the day continued along the same vein and it truly was a day to remember, hope you enjoy a sample of pics from the day :


I always feel privileged to do the job I do and the role I have in documenting a couple's most precious of day's. However, doing so in my home town with predominately Glaswegian families are definitely the icing the icing on the cake. Glaswegians are known for their warmth, humour and alcohol intake and what better way to display these traits is at a right good Glasgow wedding. Traditions may have changed over the years but one thing is for sure a good old Glasgow knees up is legendary. Grab a coffee & cake or a roll n' square sausage  and Irn Bru and enjoy a wee fun look at a Glasgow wedding celebration. (click on the video below - hope you enjoy)