About Me.

Hello and welcome to Doran Photography! I'm Brian and I'm the head of all departments at Doran, including tea boy, goffer, P.A., organiser and of course photographer! I'm based in Glasgow, will work anywhere and live at home with my wee family : my wife Pamela, and three kids, Sam, Eva & Suzy.

 Doran Photography enjoying an amazing day in Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Who Books Me? / My Style.

My passion is shooting weddings and my ideal clients are those who book me not because they think the should have a photographer at their wedding but those who want to embrace the whole experience (always produces the very best shots) and really get into the spirit - after all its your wedding day!

My style is a relaxed, informal, fun experience and my main objective is to have you gliding through the day without a care in the world! Obviously, no one really starts out like this unless you are a celebrity, footballer or movie star. Most of us hate being the centre of attention and a selfie is probably the extent of our portrait experience. Me included. Because of this I use my experience in this field to give you  a few pointers to set your mind at rest!



What inpsires me?

The short answer is everything! I'm always looking around for inspiration and usually find it in the most unusual of places. Aside from the obvious - Photography - I also have a love of art and design and use many techniques and principles often found in these areas. 


Still Interested?

If you like what you see, have a look around my site and give me a shout if you'd like to meet up and see my work in person. I love to meet with potential clients and definitely do not embark on the hard sell!